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Commercial Campaigns for your business

Founded in 2014, SoulWise Films is a video production company that started as a mission; to entertain and educate people worldwide through compelling visual storytelling. At SoulWise Films, video production is more than just a business endeavor. We produce videos for clients with various needs, but our approach is always the same, make videos that will stick with viewers long after they stop watching. If you're in the market for a high quality, high definition video produced on-time and at an affordable rate, SoulWise Films is at your service!

SoulWise Films is a full-service video production company which specializes in the production of commercial campaigns for emerging and established business firms.  We believe every business owner needs a video for their business.  If you're looking for affordable video production to showcase your business, contact us.


Jamal Curtis Jones

Jacob Thomas

Jacob Thomas is a New York based Photographer/Videographer, director and writer. Growing up in a middle class Afro-Caribbean Christian home, music and dance culture has played a big role in his appreciation for the arts, but he was also taught the value of hard work. With 10 years of Experience, Jacob specializes in Fashion Photography and live performance videography. “ Before it become my career, first it was always my passion” - Jacob Thomas

Jamal Curtis Jones is a Video Producer with over 10 years of Video Production experience. Ever since his youth he has dedicated his life to creating captivating video content. He earned his Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Film/Video Production in The City College of New York and his Master of Business Administration in Media Management from the Metropolitan College of New York. "My life's mission is to make the world a better place through my talents as a filmmaker". - Jamal Curtis Jones

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